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Just like many other solicitators these days, this company sends text messages to random phone numbers, the difference with this company’s texts is that they are playing with peoples heads, purposely causing fear and anxiety in order to make these people pay for their “private” lab tests. When you go to the site it looks like an e commerce site, not a medical site.

It also will not allow you to complete the process unless you enter your home address, not very “private” after all...

This company is a scam and it needs to be shut down! I will be calling the attorney generals office tomorrow to make a formal complaint!

Reason of review: Scam.

Preferred solution: Shut this company down.

I didn't like: Scammers.

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Sorry you are so stupid to not understand they only send text messages to people who put in your number. Maybe you should ask yourself who would do that to you, or you have a new number that use to belong to someone else. You do realize that happens instead of bashing a company for making sure people can get assistance and testing if they need it.

to Somewhoisnotdumb #1537869

Yeah....no. I recived this bs text and haven't had a sexual partner in 13 years besides my wife.

No one else i have slept with prior to my wife even has my phone number, so no. This is 99% scam imo.


I received the same text.. pretty weird that you can “unsubscribe”. Definitely spam


Any updated info? Very odd that a bunch of us all got the same text within a weeks time all with the same situation. Very hard to find any more info online.


Are there any articles i can read up on that they do this? I am very upset at the moment ... this is terrible that i received this text.


I received the same text, how were you able to confirm it was from a spam

List? I’m

Bugging out.

to Anonymous #1432488

Have you heard any thing else about this being spam? I got the same text and I'm freaking out

to Anonymous #1432756

Any new info to report - i got the same text - and interesting they are all around the same time.

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